Irsentec Wing Core Infrared G4-CO2 Gas Sensor

Irsentec Wing Core Infrared G4-CO2 Gas Sensor

  • Model: G4-CO2

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Product Description

The G4 infrared gas sensor is an intelligent micro gas sensor designed based on the NDIR principle. It uses the absorption characteristics of the specific infrared spectrum of gas to measure concentration. The internal design is based on a dual-wavelength optical path. It has no oxygen dependence and poisoning phenomena of catalytic sensors,and has a service life.,high accuracy and stable performance. The sensor has two signal output interfaces,analog and digital,and can directly output gas concentration value signals that have been linearized and temperature compensated,making it easier to use.

The G4 infrared gas sensor can measure gases inc methane and hydrocarbon flammable gases,etc.,with a maximum range of 100%vol. This sensor meets the requirements of "GB15322 Combustible Gas Detector" and "AQ 6211-2008 Non-dispersive infrared methane sensor for coal mines" Wait for the request.


High resolution,0-10%VOL range resolution is 0.01%,10%~100%VOL resolution is 0.1%

Linear,temperature compensated data output

-Wide temperature operating range of 40~70 degrees

Digital and analog signal output modes

Long-term stability and easy calibration

Intrinsically safe explosion proof


Industrial room

traffic tunnel

energy power

Oil and petrochemical factory

coal mine tunnel

Dangerous places such as gas drainage