Neu SST LOX-02 L0X-02 Fluoreszenz-optischer Luftqualitäts-Sauerstoff-O2-Sensor

Neu SST LOX-02 L0X-02 Fluoreszenz-optischer Luftqualitäts-Sauerstoff-O2-Sensor

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Product Description

LuminOx is an oxygen sensor that uses the principle of fluorescence quenching and factory calibration to measure ambient partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2).

LuminOx measures oxygen partial pressure and temperature. The addition of a barometric pressure sensor allows the sensor to output the oxygen concentration value and barometric pressure value; combined with the traditional low power consumption advantages of electrochemical sensors, the non-consumption sensing principle makes it have a longer life.

The LuminOx is oxygen pressure and temperature compensated, allowing it to work accurately over a wide range of environments without the need for additional compensation systems. Unlike other sensor technologies, LuminOx is very stable and environmentally friendly, does not contain lead or any other toxic materials, and is immune to cross-interference from other gases.

Specification Sheet:
Oxygen measurement range    0~25% (Lox-02), 0-300mbar (ppO2)
Response time T90    <30s (typ.)
Accuracy/resolution    <2%FS/0.1mbar
Temperature Accuracy/Resolution    Indication Only/0.1℃
Pressure accuracy/resolution    ± 5mbar/1mbar (Lox-02)
O2% accuracy/resolution    Determined by PPO2 and pressure
Accuracy    0.1% (Lox-02)
Lifetime    >5 years